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Terms & Conditions

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Below is a list of Our Terms and Conditions for your reference.


  • All information will be kept private and confidential and will not be released to a third party without written permission except under the following conditions:
    • Therapists perceive that the child may hurt himself /herself or others.
    • Information indicates child abuse or neglect.
  • A term consists of 10 or 12 weeks and fees are collected at the beginning of each term.
  • There will be NO REFUND of any unused fee once the term has commenced.
  • Payment must be made within the first three weeks of the term. Payment after the third week will incur an additional cost of $15.
  • Monthly payment is allowed but with an additional administration fee of $15 per month.
  • The child will be deregistered from the Centre if the child is absent from therapy sessions for more than two weeks without prior notification. There will be no refund of remaining fees after deregistration.
  • There will also be no charges for cancellation of individual therapy sessions upon presentation of medical receipt or relevant document should the child be ill.
  • A session replacement will be given if the session is cancelled when our staff is indisposed and for holidays.
  • Replacement lessons for the cancellation will be given according to the therapist’s available slots. There will be no other replacement lesson if the given slot is not taken up.
  • No-show or any cancellation for an individual class within 2 hours before a session will be charged accordingly.
  • Due to the nature of Social Skill training, it is impossible to run individual sessions. There will be no replacement class for the group session if the child did not turn up for the session.
  • Any unused fee must be used by the end of the following term.


Note: Planet Learning Centre reserves the right to amend the above without any prior notice

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