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Occupational Therapy

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What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?


Occupational Therapy is a therapeutic programme designed to evaluate, treat and manage a variety of neuromuscular, skeletal, or cognitive limitations in infants, children, and adolescents.


Occupational Therapy Services


Purpose of Occupational Therapy


The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to facilitate a child’s developmental growth in all areas such as learning, playing, and socializing. The acquisition of these skills is essential for an individual to be independent as well as to integrate into society.


Symptoms suggesting a need for an Occupational Therapy Assessment


  • A lack of a Hand Preference (by age of 4 years old)
  • Difficulties in Carrying Out Activities that Require Balance
  • Developmental Delay in Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Delay in Speech Development (Children with speech delay are usually accompanied by motor delay)
  • The Lack of Body Awareness (eg. tripping over things)
  • Appearing Clumsy and Uncoordinated
  • Uses One Hand for Tasks that Require Both Hands
  • Has Short Attention Span and Cannot Remain Seated to Complete Tasks
  • Limited Play Skills and Lack of Age-appropriate Social Skills


Occupational Therapists provide the following services:


  • Cognitive and Attention Exercises
  • Teaching Age Appropriate  Play and Self-care Skill
  • Gross & Fine Motor Development Training
  • Handwriting Assessment and Training
  • Functional ADL Assessment
  • Visual-perceptual Assessment and Training
  • Listening programme
  • Post Surgery and Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sensory Integration
  • Work Hardening Programme
  • School Visits
  • Job Coaching

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