Intensive Educational Intervention


Intensive Educational Intervention or IEI for short is our dual intervention programme. Under IEI, we offer Early Intervention Programme(EIP) for children aged 6 years and below who are not yet attending any formal schooling. Whereas under Individualised Educational Programme(IEP) we provide education for children who are waiting for a formal school placement.


Our Curriculum

Both the EIP and IEP concentrate on the 5 key areas of developments, namely:-

  • pre writing motor skills boardIndependent Skills which consists of routine training, school readiness and self-help skills
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Pre-academics and Academics Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Social and Play Skills


Early Intervention Programme

The main focus of the Early Intervention Programme is to give the childan early head start in preparation for school. Focusing on the 5 key areas of development, EIP targets on school readiness and ultimate transition in to formal schooling.


Individualised Education Programme

The Individualised Education Programme on the other hand focuses on helping the child retain the skills learnt. To ensure a smooth transition, children will also learn functional academics, literacy and independent skills while he/she waits for a formal school placement.


Our Team & Approach

resource-booksOur teachers are qualified and trained with many years of experience from different special schools.

We employ an integrated approach for IEI that is tailored to maximise the strengths and meet the individual needs of the children we serve. Rather than engaging in any one approach, we believe in a blend of approaches. We use structures and visuals to support our activities (Activity Based Intervention) as well as our daily teaching (Direct Instructions). We also aim to cultivate a keen interest for reading in young children.

In order to make learning interesting and enriching, our rich pool of teaching resources are acquired both locally and from overseas


Schedule & Fees

EIP fees and Schedule


Other Administrative Details

Any child not by direct referral from Planet Learning Centre will have to do an assessment to determine his/her suitability and placement:

  • School fees are chargeable by month and payable before session commences
  • Any absence due to medical reason will have to be supported by a medical certificate
  • Upon which, an one hour make-up will replace the session


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