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4 February 2016

New Intensive Educational Intervention Programme

4 February 2016,

Dear Parents, You will be glad to know that due to the many requests and increase in demand, Planet Learning will be starting our very own Intensive […]

Art Lessons for Children
9 October 2015

Art Lessons

9 October 2015,

We are glad to start this new Art Lessons/Program for all Children (Including Children with Special Needs) at Planet Learning Centre. This is a […]

Christmas Lease event banner
28 September 2015

Christmas Lease Hands on Lesson

28 September 2015,

Let’s make Original Christmas lease and bring it home! This is a semi-hands on class, Children will be decorating by themselves with using beads, […]

Journey of Asperger Adult banner
24 August 2015

A Journey Through the Eyes of Adults with Asperger Syndrome

24 August 2015,

Planet Learning Centre is privileged to have two very brave individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome to share with parents and educators about their life experiences […]

20 May 2015

June 2015 Holiday Programs

20 May 2015,

Look out for the June 2015 holiday programs: Anger Management Objectives: To help the child to be aware of his anger To help the […]